Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm not that confident about it

But it's all about trials and error.
I've had my sewing machine since early this year, probably. And all I've done with it was just repairing or resewing or repairing. Not much creating something. Till today, it's still pretty much the same. But, I did the most impressive and risky repair yet!





I'm not gonna show the end result of the pants, that's exactly why there's no picture of them.

Bintang strikes again!

Bintang : "do you know what this means?" *he starts singing in Japanese 
Me         : "no, I don't understand Japanese"
Bintang : "oh, because you only know Korean.."
Me         : "no, not really."

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Me and him

So this is my boyfriend...

We're by the swimming pool by the way...

I'm in love with him like crazy which begs the question: do people really need to set standards? When you fall, you fall. You don't ask, it happens. So, just walk on, keep on dreaming, live my life which only happens once and I don't wanna regret it just because I played by the book. Remember highschool? Place where people break rules, defy punishments, challenging each other, but when they look back they just smile. So....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Aesthetics Project

Aesthetics is one subject that I'm taking now at school. It's all about art, classic art. I don't know that much about it but at least I know good things. Things that look good, and interesting. Sort of. Well, I REALLY DO know! Because most of the time I spent in class was about reviewing my memory. So I think I'm pretty artsy. Whatever!
For the final project, we're asked to do anything we want involving art. And I decided to do inspiration board. So I cut out amazing things I found in magazines. And I'm so..... proud of it that I think I'm so good at it, I decided this is gonna be a routine that I'm gonna keep doing anytime I have to spare.
In the making

Ai Weiwei. Chinese artist that I didn't know about until I read the article. He's pretty amazing.


Colored Vases by Ai Weiwei. And that guy in an Afghan that migrated to Greece on foot.

One of the many fashion ensembles I love. 

I have done some terrible things.

Artwork by Maurizio Anzeri.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Coward Who Lives

Changed my blog URL.
Because I AM a coward, and this needs to change. So in the hope of me becoming more expressive, I changed it to be a reminder for me to keep moving forward with no regrets.
It's deep, but that means that I think and I'm willing to evolve for the better. And people who don't, they probably miss out on a lot of wonderful things in life that are never constant and if they will change, they will. You just have to want it. And I think someone wants it now.

Hey envy, you just make me think that I'm even more superior than you are and you suck!