Sunday, December 26, 2010

How does it feel to be surrounded by guilt?

I know it's nothing sweet. But since you brought it to yourself, I'd love to say: eat that!
I'm telling you, this is my justification to can finally dislike you. I've been looking like a complete moron, yet somehow... somehow, you can still make me feel bad as hell! But I think that just makes me a better person than you are. At least I knew when I did something wrong-even admitting wasn't following.
This is it! I'm done, if there's a connection, it'll be one way.
And don't ever lie to someone else's face, at least not mine!

This is a shortened rant that I just need to get out of my head. It's directed to particular someone.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm set for holidays..

I am ready and I have plans. All that's left is money to get them all going.
What am I gonna do? I'll break it down to a list.
1. As for me, I'm gonna paint my hair either blue or red. This has been on my mind for over two years. I believe it's the perfect time to make it happen.
2. I'm gonna realize my business idea-it's still an idea, I don' want people knowing about any of this-.
3. Me and my crazy friend Ami will start taking traditional dance lessons.
4. I probably will join Pencak Silat as well.
5. I'll dress up the way I want it to be. Not how I want people perceive me to be.
6. I'll start taking photographs everywhere which means that I'll be out and about everyday.
7. Change my twitter name to @fingrblstr69
8. I'll definitely go crazy!

I hope my being lazy is not gonna get in the way with any of this! Fingers crossed. And I absolutely  have one hell of a fun holidays! (Which is not necessarily a vacation or wasting money!)