Saturday, September 18, 2010

they're on the street, but I wasn't there...

When it comes to style, I always rely on Teen Vogue (though I'm not a teen anymore, yet I still feel relevant) and NYLON for what's in the now. I don't browse Tavi's blog for her opinions, I'm not very up to date about what's running the runways, I just wait for the next issues of my beloved magazines!
I'm more of a street style person. I'm more of tees, jeans, and boots. But I don't mind high fashion, only I don't get it as much. But their ads are always stunning, always fabulous (those are fashion expressions, I believe), and always catch my eyes. I could stare at them for minutes then turn the pages and I'll come back to the ad page again. They're captivating!
Like this one, when I got my August edition of NYLON, I saw this wonderful ad -well at least to me, but I think it is to other people, too. Otherwise the marketing guys wouldn't put the picture everywhere around the world- of DKNY jeans. I don't know what it is, but I loved it so much I waited for the next issue to come to see what's next. I could just go through the internet, but the thrill is like no other.

This is the second time they've captured me with their ads. The first time was very effective, because I immediately asked my dad to but one for me. It was Be Delicious perfume. And I loved it! Still love it, it's my number one perfume.
About these ads, I must say I like the second one better. I guess it's Leigh Lezark that I see there, or it could be Francisco Lachowski, or the mixture of all the beautiful people. But when I think about it, it's just people walking. Yet, there's something about it. Something that says "look at me?" It creates the feeling of love and envy in me. Aarrgghh..
I'm not gonna get off of the picture in a really long time, this blog is actually the result of it. Well I've been wanting to have one about fashion, but this ad was the one that got me going. Soo... I'm sure I'll be active around here....

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