Sunday, September 19, 2010

there's one doctor that knows nothing about saving my life...

I don't know, but every time I open up, I always think either to have that pair or die. Seriously, I drool all the time. It got me thinking, I should have not known anything about this certain doctor. Cause nothing good comes out of this. But of course the ones with the bills don't think the same.
I figured that I'm so interested in the boots maybe because I'm so into the 80's and 90's. Like, I think those 2 decades are the best decades ever. Great music, great fashion, great sitcoms, great everything! Don't care that much about politics, though. And also in these decades, people wear boots like they're wearing their own feet!

These are to be preserved, in case I found a huge stack of money in the dump in my backyard.

Brogue Wingtip

Hugh 3-eye

Print 1460

Bright 1460

Blake Buckle

Electic Shoreditch 7

Mel Anjum

Denzel Strap


Kamin D Ring

Iris (my favorite!)


These are of course the new ones. Since my reference is I have all the time in the world to find out about the old ones, but no, I'm just too lazy.

I've never been interested in flat shoes, ballet shoes, all kinds of girlie shoes, -but I have my own passion for heeled boots. So once I was exposed to these boots that make statements, that shows I'm not to mess up with, that says I'm a girl but I'm not weak (guess I need some recognition here), that says I'm stylish at the same time, I said to myself, that's totally me! Like I just found my inner soul or something. Years before, I was stuck with hi-top Chuck Taylor-which are awesome as well-and felt bored, due to lack of options of shoes. 
These boots, they're not only soles with Dr. Martens label on it. It'll be an awesome thing to have one pair in my closet. But I guess my daydreaming will have to continue on for a little longer.

I highlight the boots' names. And pictures from

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