Friday, October 22, 2010

I Am A Total Loser

I think I didn't do good enough in my life, it's like a warning to be more thankful. I'm superstitious like that.
The night before, I just installed a new modem to my computer in the living room. I was so happy about it, I was in the internet until midnight. I got sleepy, and because I was lazy, I left the old modem inside a plastic bag (that's one bad thing) on the floor. The next morning, I felt like I needed to check my email before taking a bath, so I did. So I was done with my mail checking, then I got up-this all felt like a second-I stepped on the plastic bag that I left on the floor, then I slipped or maybe slid until I hit the wall, then I fell over, my head hit the sofa, my right foot-which hit the wall- was bent inside, and my right knee bumped to my lower left knee. I don't know which one actually happened first, for all I know, the pains were there.
So I got up, I had en enormous feeling of pain in my foot, and took a shower walking with a limp. I though maybe it was just a sprain or something like that, I said to myself, "I'm gonna go to that man who fixes these kinds of things" which my mum knows.
I went to campus, I couldn't walk fast, and the pain was horrible! I felt like something sharp is sticking into my outer side of my right foot. It was nothing like sprain. Then after a long walk from the campus entrance to the my building which is like in the deepest end of the campus, I finally settled in and sat with my friend. What I didn't realize was the pain in my lower left knee. When I looked at it, it was like a balled up sock that was stuck inside my pants. It was huge!!
So later that night I came to that guy's place, and he said that there was a teeny-tiny fracture 5th metatarsal bone. And what he did was, pulling, pressing, twisting my foot here and there to get the fractured bone realigned. It was like magic! And seriously the pain reduced. Done with that, the guy tried to fix the bruised and swollen part of my left leg by massaging it. I know massage sounds fancy, but this one wasn't. I wasn't crying, I was sort of laughing in pain, and he wrapped it with some ginger liquid.
This was totally new to me.
This is the bruised leg, it's shrunk.

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