Monday, September 20, 2010

at times when I didn't know anything about living a life...

Times when the only thing I cared about was spending the noons jumping ropes, riding bikes, and playing tags. Times when I naturally excelled at school, without being forced. Times when I was so sad when my mum's not at home while it was raining. Times when I watched Looney Toons-though I think it's a classic, I still watch it till today. Times when I wore Daffy Duck t-shirt everywhere. They were my old times, my happy times, yet when I look back, I missed out on wonderful things a lot.
The times were the 90s. It's ironic that I was alive that time, but knew nothing about wonderful things that were happening. It's not the same thing when I look and think about the 60s I could just say I wish I was alive. But in the 90s I was alive, I was breathing the 90s air, yet I didn't feel any of the vibes. I feel like I could blame the childhood. I mean, why was I a kid back then?

I didn't know much about them, but I vividly remember when I was in the second grade I drew their smiley face icon on my aluminium pencil case and I knew that I was drawing their icon, not just some random smiley stoned face doodle. I guess I should get some acknowledgement for that, not too many Indonesian second graders paid attention to these stuffs, all they knew was tamagotchi, which I didn't have that time. Oh, and I knew about that infamous MTV Unplugged performance of theirs-thanks to MTV-and that floating baby cassette cover which belonged to my uncle.
But not until in the year 2000s that I paid attention to them, that I started listening and wanting to know more than just their faces, names, and songs. It was waaayyy too late, but I guess that's what makes them legends, ten years after, and still new youngsters finding out about and obsessing over them. They're super! And due to my lateness, or maybe thanks to my lateness, I didn't have to buy all those amazing CDs, I could just get the With the Lights Out box set. And it blew me off! Especially their home-recorded About a Girl.

I personally love this photograph.

It's taken from here.

Kurt had his "whatever" style. I tried to make those kinds of pants, and it was a total disappointment. And for some reason, my mother threw out my worn out Chuck Taylor. And believe me, when I'm ready, I'll have that red hair. Source.

Then there was a Beck, there is still a Beck, a loser who makes music. Of course, I knew him by "Loser." Though it was in his third album, but that song is the one that still lingers especially after the Glee kids sang the song in one of their episodes, it's like, back!

But then after this independent spirited guys, there had got to be the girls charmers. The ones that knew nothing but love, dancing, and singing songs that other people made for them, stepped in Backstreet Boys. Following the footsteps of New Kids on The Block, they learned one thing, unbuttoned shirts. Seriously guys? Pfff.. But.. that plan worked for me, I fell for their "Quit Playing Games With My Heart" video. With the rain, puppy faces begging for mercy from the girls that kept breaking their hearts, the unbuttoned shirts. I remember asking my dad to get me the cassette (since there was no CD back then here) and he didn't get me one. I guess he was afraid that I would turn into one of those girls that cry for a boy that barely knew them. That was one safe choice, dada!
But a year later, he loosened up a bit. He got me the "Backstreet Back" album. It was less "hostile" than the first one. Not many of those sad, whiny songs. Though "As Long As You Love Me" was bizarrely unusual. The video was shot in the hangar with that spread wings dance and I remember I watched one VH1 program one day, it was about some weird songs, and this song was one of them. At first, I thought why? Then this girl (I believed she was a comedian) said that "I don't care of you were an alien, a cold-blooded serial killer, a stalker, or a terrorist, as long as you love me, that's alright with me!" in reference to the phrase "I don't care who you are, where you're from, what you did, as long as you love me." And I laughed my ass off! I got her point! Haahaa.

Even though I loved them so much back then, I chose not to get involved so much-not that I get more mature or anything, but there was a Westlife!-Millennium was the last album I bought.

It's very obvious that I'm a true Backstreet Boys lover since I write more about them than the others. But, what the hell!

As I'm writing this, They Hung Him On a Cross is on repeat. Though when I start writing about the Backstreet Boys, I immediately go through youtube and search for that hangar video.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

there's one doctor that knows nothing about saving my life...

I don't know, but every time I open up, I always think either to have that pair or die. Seriously, I drool all the time. It got me thinking, I should have not known anything about this certain doctor. Cause nothing good comes out of this. But of course the ones with the bills don't think the same.
I figured that I'm so interested in the boots maybe because I'm so into the 80's and 90's. Like, I think those 2 decades are the best decades ever. Great music, great fashion, great sitcoms, great everything! Don't care that much about politics, though. And also in these decades, people wear boots like they're wearing their own feet!

These are to be preserved, in case I found a huge stack of money in the dump in my backyard.

Brogue Wingtip

Hugh 3-eye

Print 1460

Bright 1460

Blake Buckle

Electic Shoreditch 7

Mel Anjum

Denzel Strap


Kamin D Ring

Iris (my favorite!)


These are of course the new ones. Since my reference is I have all the time in the world to find out about the old ones, but no, I'm just too lazy.

I've never been interested in flat shoes, ballet shoes, all kinds of girlie shoes, -but I have my own passion for heeled boots. So once I was exposed to these boots that make statements, that shows I'm not to mess up with, that says I'm a girl but I'm not weak (guess I need some recognition here), that says I'm stylish at the same time, I said to myself, that's totally me! Like I just found my inner soul or something. Years before, I was stuck with hi-top Chuck Taylor-which are awesome as well-and felt bored, due to lack of options of shoes. 
These boots, they're not only soles with Dr. Martens label on it. It'll be an awesome thing to have one pair in my closet. But I guess my daydreaming will have to continue on for a little longer.

I highlight the boots' names. And pictures from

Marc.. Marc Marc Marc Marc.... Marc Marc...

Like always, I see these stuffs from magazines. From the ads, then after that I try to look it up somewhere, and end up finding amazing things. I'm not gonna say anything about the looks. Because I just don't have that "taste." All I know is that I love them, and they're wearable. And they're Marc's.

Marc by Marc Jacobs FW 2010-2011

Images courtesy of

Saturday, September 18, 2010

o brasileiro, um hottie..

Yaaa.. I've been exposed to one Fransisco Lachowski for a while -it's because I follow this on tumblr. But not until that damn DKNY ads (yup, that again!) that I'm obsessed with him, I have to follow this certain Fuck Yeah! tribute blog on tumblr. But it's worth it. Why should it not? I'll be fed with some sexiness for eternity on my dashboard.

To hot to be 17, too hot to be a Brasilian, too hot to be a model, to hot to be a human being.
It's just not fair!

they're on the street, but I wasn't there...

When it comes to style, I always rely on Teen Vogue (though I'm not a teen anymore, yet I still feel relevant) and NYLON for what's in the now. I don't browse Tavi's blog for her opinions, I'm not very up to date about what's running the runways, I just wait for the next issues of my beloved magazines!
I'm more of a street style person. I'm more of tees, jeans, and boots. But I don't mind high fashion, only I don't get it as much. But their ads are always stunning, always fabulous (those are fashion expressions, I believe), and always catch my eyes. I could stare at them for minutes then turn the pages and I'll come back to the ad page again. They're captivating!
Like this one, when I got my August edition of NYLON, I saw this wonderful ad -well at least to me, but I think it is to other people, too. Otherwise the marketing guys wouldn't put the picture everywhere around the world- of DKNY jeans. I don't know what it is, but I loved it so much I waited for the next issue to come to see what's next. I could just go through the internet, but the thrill is like no other.

This is the second time they've captured me with their ads. The first time was very effective, because I immediately asked my dad to but one for me. It was Be Delicious perfume. And I loved it! Still love it, it's my number one perfume.
About these ads, I must say I like the second one better. I guess it's Leigh Lezark that I see there, or it could be Francisco Lachowski, or the mixture of all the beautiful people. But when I think about it, it's just people walking. Yet, there's something about it. Something that says "look at me?" It creates the feeling of love and envy in me. Aarrgghh..
I'm not gonna get off of the picture in a really long time, this blog is actually the result of it. Well I've been wanting to have one about fashion, but this ad was the one that got me going. Soo... I'm sure I'll be active around here....